Hello. I am Pavlos Papaefstathiou →

I'm a tech strategist & consultant, avid photographer and visual storyteller.

Nice to e-meet you.
I am a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, based in London. My experience focuses on tech & digital in financial institutions - from strategy to execution.
I also lead the regional Pride@BCG network (from South America to Europe, Africa and beyond). I feel passionate about driving equality in the workplace and society at large, hence I devote time to LGBT+ research & publications.
I have a passion for technology, science, photography, visual storytelling and music (from DJ'ing to electronic music production).
In my spare time, I love experimenting and creating: electronic music, photo essays, 8/16mil cine documentaries, electronic gadgets, apps and more.
I plan to document my creative experiments here.
Stay tuned!